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BMW Motor Car. Mirror used - Classifieds
GBP 40,00
BMW Motor Car BMW E30 Front Windscreen has Top Tinted no Chips For Age, Windscreen Screen Only
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Mirrors: used and new from private and commercial sellers near you

Mirrors reflect objects that are at the sides of the car and behind it. They help to prevent dangerous situations when changing lanes, parking, and moving backwards.

These components differ in the method of adjustment:

  • Manual. Budget-friendly, difficult to adjust.
  • Power. Expensive but convenient.

By location:

  • Interior. Attached to the windscreen or ceiling inside the cabin.
  • Exterior. Attached to the left and right A-pillars or front doors.

By the glass type:

  • Flat. Enable drivers to accurately estimate the distance to the object but have a narrow viewing angle.
  • Convex. Reduce the blind spot but make objects seem farther than they are.
  • Aspherical. Its flat and convex parts provide a wide view with minimum distortion.

By availability of additional options:

  • with a turn signal;
  • with a camera;
  • heated.

If it’s only the electric actuator that failed, you can replace it separately and avoid changing the factory-installed housing of your mirror. However, if the housing is damaged, it is better to buy a new mirror assembly.

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