Ignition and glowplug system

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Spark plugs new. Ignition and glowplug system used - Classifieds
GBP 15,00
Spark plugs new NGK spark plugs x4 still boxed unused bought for previous car now scrapped
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OEM: 1496
For sale
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Glow plugs x4. Ignition and glowplug system used - Classifieds
GBP 3,50
Glow plugs x4 NGK glow plugs x4 bought for previous car now scrapped Mazda 323f 2.0 ltr diesel
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323 F VI (BJ)
2.0 D
OEM: 4664 Y-529J
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The ignition system ignites the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders of the internal combustion petrol engine with a spark produced by electrodes of the spark plugs. In diesel engines, ignition of fuel is achieved by compression of air at a certain temperature. To heat it up, the system uses glow plugs. The ignition and glowplug system components have a long service life but may fail prematurely if used improperly.

Signs of malfunction:

  • engine start problems;
  • rough idle;
  • engine overheating and power loss;
  • increased fuel consumption.

Main causes of malfunctions are the use of low-quality fuel or components, failure to observe recommended maintenance intervals, mechanical damage, or weather impacts. As a rule, faulty system components are unrepairable and have to be replaced. For example, new spark plugs should be installed every 15,000–30,000 km.

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