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CV joint boots. Transmission parts used - Classifieds
GBP 0,05
CV joint boots Inner and outer CV joint boots for Mazda 323f 2.0 ltr diesel bought for previous car now scrapped
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323 F VI (BJ)
2.0 D
OEM: 30376 and 303945
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Transmission converts and transfers torque from the engine to the wheels. It changes the vehicle’s direction. It disengages the drivetrain from the engine, keeping it idle.

When transmission components break down, you need to apply more effort to change the gears. When driving, strange sounds can be heard, the gearshift might rattle, or the gear may get disengaged. A faulty transmission can make it dangerous or impossible to drive. Therefore, it requires urgent repair.

When choosing transmission components, its type has to be taken into account:

  1. Manual. This enables the driver to control engine rpm and the moment when to shift gears. Cheap to maintain.
  2. Automatic. Easy to use but requires frequent oil changes.
  3. Semi-automatic. Can be operated manually. At the same time, the processes of engaging and disengaging the clutch, as well as shifting into gears, are automated and controlled by actuators. It has small dimensions.
  4. Continuously variable. This ensures smooth driving. Unsuitable for heavy vehicles.

When changing assembly components, change the transmission fluid. The type and amount required are specified in the vehicle owner’s manual.

New components are quite expensive, so you can buy used ones to save money. On the AUTODOC Classifieds online platform, you can find a lot of private and commercial classifieds that offer spares for sale. You can check their condition when you meet the seller face-to-face. You may also be able to negotiate a better price for the spares.

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