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  • Find what you need

    Can't find what you need in the dedicated category? Try using the search function.

  • Select ad

    Check the photos and read the item description. Make sure it has the right technical specifications

  • Contact the seller

    Before making a purchase, give the seller a phone call or send them a message. Try to find out more about the item and discuss the price and terms of delivery.

  • Pay and get your goods

    If possible, try to meet in person with the seller to finalise the deal. Pay for the item only after you've examined it.

1. Creating an ad title
The title should be clear and concise: give the name and key features of the product or service you are offering. Avoid general phrases that don’t provide any useful information.
2. Selecting a catalogue section to place your ad in
The product or service offered has to exactly match the subject of the chosen catalogue section. This allows potential buyers to find your ad faster. You can choose the section yourself or leave it to our system. Simply enter the product or service name in the headline and your ad will be automatically placed in the appropriate section.
3. Description of the product or service
Be sure to add a description of the product or service to reduce the number of follow-up questions from potential buyers. Give detailed information such as the part name, OEM number, its condition, and main characteristics.
4. Details of the product or service
Use the special fields to enter data. Enter as many details as possible to help potential buyers select the product or service. It is important to use OEM part numbers or information about compatibility with vehicles so that more buyers will find your ad.
5. Contact details and location
Include your name and a valid telephone number so that potential buyers can contact you quickly. Indicate your location: the town and area where your product or service is located. Do not include personal information, e.g. your exact home address, that could be used by scammers.
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  • Have you been scammed?

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