Rules for buying and selling safely

General notes

Do you want to buy or sell car-related items or services?

AUTODOC ADS makes it easy!

Contact the seller or buyer directly and make deals on our website completely free of charge.

Remember, AUTODOC ADS never asks for your personal data and is not involved in invoicing and payment. The buyer and the seller settle the terms of the deal between themselves.

How to sell safely

  • Describe the real condition of your item. This way, you will avoid any complaints from the buyer.

  • If possible, try to meet in person to make the exchange.

  • If your buyer is from another city or region, it's reasonable to ask for at least partial payment in advance before sending your item.

  • Use a parcel delivery service or courier to ship your item. Make sure you packed it properly and specified the recipient's details correctly.

  • If the potential buyer is from another country, it's better to forgo the deal.

  • When buying and selling online, give preference to payment systems that offer secure payments and a refund warranty in case of fraud.

  • To avoid scammers, never disclose credit or debit card details, passwords from mobile or online banking, or any information banks or payment systems send you by email.

  • Never show the buyer copies of documents that contain your personal data, do not disclose your home address or any other confidential information that could be used by scammers.

How to buy safely

  • If possible, buy from local sellers – this way you can examine the item in person and check if it's in working condition.

  • If you find the item you need in another city, don't pay the full price before it is delivered.

  • Consider the price of the item. If it's in good condition, the price shouldn't be significantly lower than the market average.

  • The seller's phone number should correspond to the country you live in. Otherwise, it's better to refrain from purchasing.

  • Never tell the seller your credit or debit card's date of expiry or CVC/CVV code, passwords from mobile or online banking, or any information banks or payment systems send you by email.

  • Be cautious with links to external websites. They might be used by scammers to steal your credit or debit card details.

Safety tips

If you suspect a seller is a scammer, be sure to notify our support team at the email address below.

Alternatively, you can use the "Report this ad" button.

You'll find this on the left side of the ad, under the seller's contact details.

If your suspicions are proven correct, we will block the seller and hide all their ads.

Help us to make this platform safe!

Contact our support team

To report an ad, email us at Please include a link to the suspicious ad or details of the seller who posted it.

Please include a brief description of the reason for your complaint.