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Tyres  205/55 R16 summer - Goodyear. Summer tyres used - Classifieds
GBP 230,00
Tyres 205/55 R16 summer - Goodyear 205/55 R16 summer tyres Goodyear Efficientgrip Perfor EAN: 5452000672124 1 season used
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Summer tyres: used and new from private and commercial sellers near you

Summer tyres are characterised by stiffness, durability and thermal resistance. They ensure a good grip on the road and are efficient at guiding water away from the contact patch.

The tread pattern can be:

  • Symmetric directional. It is the most popular. These components are excellent at resisting aquaplaning. They are best suitable for rear-wheel-drive vehicles. Durable and low-priced. When mounting them, you should consider the direction of rotation of the wheel.
  • Symmetric nondirectional. These summer tyres are versatile and affordable.
  • Asymmetric directional. These products are excellent for rainy days thanks to their softer inner part of the tread and good drainage properties. They are durable and reduce fuel consumption. They increase the braking distance in vehicles not equipped with ABS.
  • Asymmetric nondirectional. Wide grooves on the inner part quickly guide water away, improving the vehicle’s stability in the rain. The stiff tread improves the manoeuvrability. Optimal for aggressive driving.

By profile height:

  • High profile tyres. Unsuitable for manoeuvring at high speeds. Protect the rim when the wheel gets into a pothole.
  • Low profile tyres. Ensure excellent steerability when cornering. Suitable for driving on high quality roads.

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